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Outlook For A Brighter Day

Jan 31, 2021

Outlook For A Brighter Day

Episode 35

“Overlooking Certain Behaviors”

Thanks for tuning in to another episode! 1 more week and Barb will be back on the set with me wooohooo! In this episode, I will be talking about how we should overlook some behaviors and think about what may be lying underneath at times....

Jan 24, 2021

Outlook For A Brighter Day

Episode 34

“Being Kind Over Being Right”

During this time in our lives, choosing to work on our own character can definitely make our outlook brighter. Sometimes we need to take a moment to ask ourselves how important does being right means when it comes to choosing between being kind over...

Jan 17, 2021

Outlook For A Brighter Day

Episode 33

“What Are Your Plans This Year”

Thanks for Tuning In!! Barb has been busy at the nursing home this year so I will be sharing my recent Relevance For Today Podcast Episode. In this episode, I want to give you all a chance to let me know what you are up to this year. Has God given...

Jan 10, 2021

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Episode 32

        As we all step into a New Year my hope is that regardless of what you went through last year that you will take this episode to heart and focus on choosing your battles wisely. I definitely plan on doing the same. Life is too short and we need to stay focused on the right...