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Outlook For A Brighter Day

Nov 29, 2020

Be the First To Act Loving

Episode 27

        Thanks for tuning in as Barb and I discuss how to be the first to act loving or reach out, in some situations. Our goal is to focus on ways to help us all during the current state of our world. We all need one another and at times we need to go above and beyond and chose our...

Nov 22, 2020

Episode 26

        Thanks for tuning in as Barb and I discuss how to develop compassion. The world needs more compassion and I know you agree with us on this one. Showing love and caring for our neighbors is something we all should strive to do right now in 2020. Once again we want you to remember, life is too short,...

Nov 15, 2020

Episode 25

        Thanks for tuning in as Barb and I discuss why we should be happy where we are in life. Instead of focusing on what life will be like for you once you complete a goal or accomplish some new thing. Focus on the day that you are in and look at what you already have and are blessed with. Life is too...

Nov 8, 2020

Episode 24

        Thanks for tuning in to another podcast episode! Barb’s back on the air with me Wooohooo!!!!!! In this episode, we want to encourage you all to take some time off and relax your minds! As weird as it sounds it’s ok to take some time off and be bored! We get so busy in life and sometimes we just...

Nov 1, 2020

Episode 23

        Thanks for tuning into another podcast episode! Barb will be back in the next issue! In this episode, I want to direct your attention to focusing on what’s important. Life is too short and before you know it another day is gone, don’t waste another day. Take the time to stop and smell the roses,...