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Outlook For A Brighter Day

Jul 19, 2020

A Heart To Heart Chat With Barb Lewis

Episode 10

Welcome to Episode 10 of Outlook For A Brighter Day! Recently on the Relevance For Today Podcast Show I interviewed my wife Barb and I wanted to share the interview on here as well.  Our prayer is that this interview will spark interest, encouragement, and even hope in your lives. So sit back relax and listen as Barb and I discuss her life, the life of a Mother who almost lost her husband to a medical illness, who grabbed the reigns and tackled the work force as a Nurse, who worked tirelessly to make sure her husband and children lived a comfortable life and now can look back and inspire others who may be dealing with the same things in their lives. Enjoy the show and please share it with someone who you think needs to be encouraged as well.

Thanks again for tuning in, if you have any questions for Barb please leave them in the comment section or email us at, and please remember you can subscribe on Spotify and Libsyn, Apple Podcasts, iheart Radio or any podcast app by searching for "Relevance For Today" and the show we do together called “Outlook For A Brighter Day”. We are also on Youtube search for Stephen Lewis Relevance For Today, God Bless and Love To You All.

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